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Pouring a Shot

Rum and Chocolate Tasting


 Indulge in the rich flavors of Colombian rum and chocolate on a small-group tasting in Cartagena. You'll sample a variety of local rums and learn about their production, history, and cultural significance. Accompanied by a chocolate expert, you'll also taste exquisite truffles, pralines, and bars. This tasty small-group experience is perfect for foodies and travelers interested in learning about Colombia's culinary heritage and traditions.

Rum Tasting

Chocolate Tasting


  • Included
    -Roundtrip Transporation for pick up location at Super Aki Superm Market -Tour through the jungle in a ATV -Guided Tour -Helmet -4 Ziplines -Visit a beautiful Cenote -Life Vests -Light Lunch -Water
  • Not Included
    -Photos (optional) - Tips
  • Departure and Return
    Departure from the Tulum Area are always at the Super Aki outside the main entrance, unfortunately we do not have pick up service at Tulum hotels 8:40 am, returning to Super Aki Tulum between 2 - 3 pm 12:40 pm, returning to Super Aki Tulum between 6:00 - 7 pm Excursion is 5 to 6 hours
  • What to Expect?
    Dare to challenge the roads in the middle of the jungle aboard an ATV, enjoy a unique experience in the world, the best activities in Mexico, imagine driving on an imperfect road full of mud, stones, climbs, descents, water and a lot of fun with your friends or with your family. You can drive your own ATV as single service. Discover a cenote which is sacred place for Mayan culture, they believed that cenotes were doors to the underworld. During this time the guide will give you time to change cloths and prepare. There are lockers, so its advisible to use them. You have to leave $5 or 100 pesos that will be returned when the locker key is returned. You will aslo be provided with life jackets. We recommend not wearing anything that may fall in the cenote. This part of the excursion is guided through the cenote, a guide will take you through the different trails of the cenote where you can admire stalacitites, stalagmites, they will stop at some point in the cenote and the guide will give a very intersting explanation of the imporatnce of cenotes. Ziplines We have 4 Ziplines heights that will be fun for everyone. One ziplines is in a tower that is above the tree lines, so its high. Its also quite long so fun is guranteed, the other 3 zip lines are fun too, but they are shorter, but faster. During this excursion we will fly over the sky of the jungle. Light Lunch At the end of th etour there is a small tasting of typical food from the region that consists of taquitos with rice and beans as well as fresh waters such as lemo water, etc
  • Additional Info
    -Use face masks in public areas in mandatory -Antibacterial gel -Equipment sanitized before each excursion -Guides are required to use face mask during the excursion -Temperatures will be taken of all personnel before they begin work -Weight Limit 60-275 pounds -Every activity is optional and you are not required to participate in all activities. You can sit out in some activities if you like. -this is shared tour and others will be on the transportation as well as the tour
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